Real Estate


Our law firm assists landlords, companies, investors, real estate professionals, and title companies with residential and commercial legal issues from reviewing the purchase contract to the closing including:


Real Estate:

Our real estate lawyers can help you resolve almost any real property disputes. We have represented many clients who have been sued or victims of fraud and misrepresentation in a real estate transaction such as owner financing. We have also handled multiple cases of breach of contract, evictions, landlord tenant issues, foreclosures, contesting title to real property, easements, survey issues, and other related matters. If you have been sued or are the victim of a wrongful foreclosure, we can help you.       

Construction Litigation:

Whether there is a construction defect on a home or commercial property, surveyor malpractice, removal of material, man and mechanic’s lien improperly placed by a contractor or sub-contractor, we can assist you with these complex forms of litigation.       

Title Examination:

If you are planning to buy a property or if your property has chain-of-title issues (i.e. cloud on title, gap in title, adverse possession, probate or intestacy issues, verification of title, etc.) to be resolved or a title defect that needs to be cured, our real estate attorneys can help you.   

Document Preparation:

Our law firm is prepared to draft all the documents necessary for the buying and selling of your transaction including: deeds, title documents, promissory notes, easements, affidavits, and deeds of trust.   


We also draft and negotiate all types of leases from commercial to subleases to assignments and transfers.   


Our firm offers closing services for our clients including: owner financed transactions, lease purchase agreements, foreclosures, mobile closings and many, many more.   


For more information, please call us at 713-364-6510 or contact our offices.

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